Zakhmi Dill Poetry In Urdu are gaining a lot of popularity among the young generation in the advanced world of today. There are vast majorities of people who are in search of bewafa shayari, Urdu Zakhmi Dill Shayari which they like to send to their loved ones and especially to their friends who have forgotten them when they were needed the most. There are many online websites available on the Internet where they can easily find Zakhmi Dill Poetry in Urdu, poems, poetry and Ghazals. The text messages present on this website are like broken heart poems in Urdu, Zakhmi Dill shayari in urdu for friends and Zakhmi Dill  Poetry for lover.

Urdu Zakhmi Dill Poetry

Dil Zakhmi Hai Zindagi K Hathon

Kash Jahan Mein Hum Nahi Hote

دل زخمی ہے زندگی کے ہاتھوں

کاش جہاں میں ہم نہیں ہوتے

dill zakhmi ha Zindagi k Hatho
dill zakhmi ha Zindagi k Hatho

Mohabbat ho chuki puri.

Chalo ab zakhm gintey hain 
محبت ہو چکی پوری

چلو اب زخم گنتے ہیں

Muhabat ho chuki puri chelo ab zakham Ginta han
Muhabat ho chuki puri chelo ab zakham Ginta han


CHoor THa Zakhmo sa Dill Zakhmi JiGar B Ho Gya

Es Ko Rota tha K Sona Nagar B Ho Gya

چور تھا زخموں سے دل زخمی جگر بھی ہو گیا

اس کو روتے تھے کہ سونا یہ نگر بھی ہو گیا

Habib Jalib


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