With you no complaint I can make

No reward I am destined to take

A person we have not yet met

If separated, will cause what heartache

We were hardly wishful to keep living

Though dying we dare not under-take

Something to make our life worth while

No prospect of any chance at stake

Flower’s scent has been accounted for

Its own time, though, bud will take

Heart is taken aback by a single hurt

It is no blister that a prick it cannot take…

 Parveen Shakir English Poetry

How to step back, we were within some steps of destination
Our oversight was in advert ant, deserving utmost consideration
My eyes have lowered looks, my lips are all sealed
More than this, I cannot vouch my own admiration
We could not keep pace with our commitment
We cannot blame the world for their indignation
It may be temple or tavern, candles are incandescent
Our heart is all despondent, we show our desperation
A tear in eye was symbolic of a star in the sky
To discover any galaxy would end in frustration
It is same confused longing, it is same diffused yearning
No high or low day after day, no differentiation
– Parveen Shakir

 There was this chill in wind, you were also in mind
Heart was ecstatic, tinged with despondency of a kind
This chat half way through night, this moon full and bright
Along with the mid summer moon, your beauty was defined
Beloved was watching me, with a stealthy look
Time at last once stood still, leaving all behind
Now with a bit of hindsight, we know it wasn’t easy
When we didn’t find beloved, we were in a bit of a bind
I was in search on my beloved, though it was a vain search
My efforts not to besmirch, my longing was undefined
Evening breeze, not at ease, is inquiring beloved’s abode
O wafting wind of beloved’s mode, for goodness sake find…
– Parveen Shakir

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